Central Park Derivative

Academic Project

Status: Concept

Site Location: New York, NY

Designer:  Javier Villarroel

                           Jason Trutner

Instructor: Christian Jordan

To create a passive, dynamic outdoor installation which serves as an architectural expression of nodes, paths, and landmarks (à la Kevin Lynch). The nodes would be various entrances into the paths, dictated by the surrounding locations and points of interest. The paths are connections for users to traverse through for directed access between nodes. The landmarks act as there own points of interest within the installation to slow the act of travel from a linear point A- point B process to a paused, gathering space. Landmarks would exist at the joining of paths. For the purposes of this project, we will be utilizing Central Park, NY, as our site.
Typical plan
Typical Section
Javier Villarroel Portfolio 2016 55pg we
Javier Villarroel Portfolio 2016 55pg we