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Ground + Flight

Academic Project

Status:  Concept

Site Location: Philadelphia, PA

Designer:  Javier Villarroel

Instructor: Kihong Ku, DDES

                            Petra Stanev, RA, LEEP AP

                            Ryan Lohbauer, RA

    As the Franklin building stands as a heavy building of dense and permanent decor, the contrasting installation that can balance the treatment of space will represent itself as a matrix of simple additive and subtractive cells composed to expose itself, then torques away to expose the dense ceiling hidden above it. It is a sculptural canopy installation in a section of the building’s cavernous double-height residential lobby to highlight and define a newly re-opened bar area. The installation utilizes a modular skeleton with depth to facilitate production of simple and elegant composition of parallel fiber bundles into continuous planes for acoustic and lighting properties.
Ground and Flight1a.jpg
Ground and Flight1b.jpg
Ground and Flight1c.jpg
Feather Collage.jpg
Ground and Flight2a.jpg
Ground and Flight2b.jpg
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