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Architecture Competition | Adaptive Reuse | Institutional | Commercial

Status:  Concept

Site Location: Bologna, Italy

Gross Area: 38,264 SF

Designers:  Javier Villarroel

                            Abeer Jazzaa

   The Villa Zarri Beer Garden is a space that receives an injection of contemporary influence over its traditional style, placing it within the taste of many spectators from all around the world and presents itself powerfully both when arriving to the Palazzo for events or even from the immense street presence it claims on the site. The removal of existing walls provides for large spanning glazing, immersing the building around the large spanning trees on site and allowing the people outside to quickly identify commercial and public events taking place inside.
2019_05_23_Javier Villarroel Portfolio-2
2019_05_23_Javier Villarroel Portfolio-2
2019_05_23_Javier Villarroel Portfolio-2
2019_05_23_Javier Villarroel Portfolio-2
The floor layout is displaced in order to better accommodate program and to establish hierarchy within the building.
Program is placed to better provide views, street presence and circulation throughout the building.
The displacement of the floor allows for the repetitive roof to respond into an organic sculptural piece that retains its continuous modularity.
The altered floor and roof heights greatly ads its response to its context, in which provides a view to the Villa Zarri Palazzo at a higher elevation and provide greater street presence from the train station.
Right Section-1-100_flattened.jpg
Front Section-1-100_Flattened.jpg
Floor Plan - 1-100_Flattened.jpg
2019_05_23_Javier Villarroel Portfolio-2
The interior of the building efficiently allows for the displacement of floors within the space to eloquently transform the repetitive roof scheme into an organic, and elegant sculptural feature. This adaptive reuse of the existing roof structure allows for a unique interpretation of the traditional style and construction, and enhances it through the technological advances that are possible today. Placing the laboratory space on a lower platform facilitates the amount of people viewing the mechanics of beer brewing from within the building and separates the tours from the eating spaces, while the raised mix-use spaces allow for more views and street presence, while distinguishing itself from the larger scale restaurant and shopping spaces. Near the center of the plan lies the building’s bar, which houses the company’s collection of beverages. 
2019_05_23_Javier Villarroel Portfolio-3
Outdoor Pavilions
The pavilion scheme found alongside the beer garden and in front of the Villa Zarri Palazzo displays the use of simple conoids that house seating and serving stations for outdoor events to take place in front of the Palazzo. The construction of the conoid pavilions are from the same wood as the cedar trees that surround the landscape,hollowed sections allowing for porous light to come under the sculptural piece, while casting  an inviting  glow coming out of the shell at night.
2019_05_23_Javier Villarroel Portfolio-1
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