Academic Project

Status:  Prototype Built

Designer:   Javier Villarroel

                            Jacob Brosious 

                            Charlotte Hogenshurz 

                            Zachary Willmarth 

Instructor: Lyn Godley

                 Marcia Wiess

                 Kihong Ku, DDES

                            Wolfgang Laubersheimer

                            Luc Merx

Exploring and generating a self standing volume that upholds a unique quality of an amorphic interpretation of a torus geometry, which was the initial objective. The study stands successful as it accomplishes the use various opening sizes to transition from inner wall to outer wall through alternating concentrations of crochet knots, also preserving the inner portions visibility. The resulting bulk of knots concentrated on the base naturally became the strategy in which the volume is capable of standing on its own.
Our volume of study was a torus for its desired continuous surface so as to generate an enclosure through wrapping over existing volume. A holistic volume could resolve the challenge to have the piece stand on its own and retain a dynamic characteristic that is malleable.
Prior to this project crochet or knitting was a new experience and skill to learn - everyone was either an architecture or industrial design student so research and practice was an absolute necessity. Within a few days each individual developed small samples of what would become the guide to developing the final piece.
The process of creating the prototype encompassed both mechanical and manual fabrication methods. The framework was entirely milled on a
three-axis CNC using Grasshopper and Rhino CAM as the primary software. This facilitated the frame’s fabrication and lessened the amount of time required to construct it. The manual component involved the layered complexity of the textiles. The series of rope cords were
crochet-chained with a colored conductive yard in order to produce an attractive appearance as well as carry out its role as a responsive system that records changes in resistance.